Document Coding

If you find yourself dealing with paper discovery and are looking for more than just searchable images, CliCKS has the ability to Code numerous fields from your documents. The result is a .csv file populated with much of the same data and in the same format as if the documents had originated as electronic files.

Among the fields we can code are:

  • Document Date (or Estimated Date)
  • Author
  • Recipient
  • Document Type
  • Subjective Title
  • Referenced Names

Adding coded fields to accompany your scanned images can greatly increase the efficiency of your review by increasing the amount of information provided to you before you even set eyes on the images.

Foreign Translation

As business is increasingly conducted on a global scale, litigation in turn will increasingly involve documents generated in a foreign language. When you find yourself in a situation of having to review foreign language document, CliCKS has the tools to translate these documents quickly and accurately.

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